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From your idea, we create a complete package with all the necessary components for your company to position itself in the Internet.

Will your website be basic or more sophisticated?

Select the option that corresponds to your need.


Simple, for you who need a digital kick-off, but already have a visual identity. Website, social media and more.

€ 600

€ 400

The following items make up the basic package.

Simple Website

Starter Art Package for Instagram

Basic SEO

Contact Form


#Virtual Store

Structured Virtual Store with marketing integrations for you to monitor user behavior. *Prices may change.

€ 800

€ 700

The following items make up the virtual store package.

Website Structured in Virtual Store

Price may vary depending on products

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Marketing Integrations

Simple system to add products

Total control of sales metrics

#Basic +

Simple, for you who want to start with a Kit for your brand. Website, social media, simple visual identity kit and more.

€ 450

The following items are the basic package +.

Simple Website

Starter Art Package for Instagram

SEO Básico

Contact Form


Simple visual identity pack

#Sales Page

Sales Page for the sale of a physical or digital product with up to 5 sections. Prices may vary to add more sections.

€ 350

The following items make up the sales page.

Website in Sales Page format

Price may vary according to the number of sections

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Marketing Integrations

Add Capture Page for + 140

Extra General Services:

Ads on Google

Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Email Marketing

Instagram account advice

Google My Business Account Advice

Logo Design / Visual Identity production


Need a Website? I can provide this and more. Here you'll find the necessary tools to make your company stand out among your competitors on the Internet. 

I'm Camila Rahal, a Web Design / Digital Advertising and it'll be wonderful to hear your idea. Click here to send an email.

I value the quality and speed of my clients' website, so we guarantee a good performance, in addition to conveying the professionalism that your brand deserves.

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Camila Rahal

Recent Work

amorf-form (6).png
web design portfolio


Luiza Mello is a Fitness Instructor and founder of "Train with Luiza". She offers specific training in video format, in addition to online and face-to-face private lessons. This is a simple website with 5 pages.

web design portfolio


Real Estate Carlos, launching of the apartment complex under development. This is a one-page website, focused on lead capture.

web design portfolio

"Partiu Paraty" is a Tourism Agency based in Paraty - Rio de Janeiro. This project had much information and multiple pages. It was around 85 pages in total. We decide to create more pages in order to organize all the tours, cultural event and hosting options, focusing on customer experience.

2021-11-07 (7).png
Untitled design (10).png


TrackMate it's a health tracker that motivates the user. This is a one-page website.

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